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Domestic and Farm Animals


  • Sorry, we can't help you with pets or farm animals or domestic birds. We have limited staff, caging and funds which are completely dedicated to our goals of helping orphaned and injured wildlife.


  • It is legal for anyone to help domestic animals, so you don't need us for that.  We are here to help with all migratory birds and other protected species.  There are non-native birds (starlings and house sparrows) which are detrimental to our native songbirds. We do not want to rehabilitate and release these non-native invasive species.  They are not protected and therefore legal for you to care for.  There are also pet birds that have been released and are now breeding in the wild, for example, Eurasian-collared dove and the domestic pigeon.  Again, these are domestic birds and it is legal for you to care for them.  If you don't know what kind of wild bird you have found, if it's possible to take a photo and text it to us, we can help you identify it and figure out where to go from there. 

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