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​About Us.....

Mother Lode Wildlife Care is a wildlife organization dedicated particularly to wild birds and squirrels. The volunteer team has over 40 years of collective experience at wildlife centers in Tuolumne County and the Bay Area, caring for a wide range of birds and mammals. Our board members bring similar levels of business/organizational experience.

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We have permits at both the state and federal levels and our facilities are approved by the county for wildlife care. All of our volunteers attend regular training in current best practices to care for, feed, house and release orphaned and injured wildlife. We really are the best chance for the bird or squirrel you found to grow up, or get better, and be able to live the life it wants to live again in the wild!


On behalf of all the birds, squirrels, and other animals that we have taken care of and will in the future with your help, we would like to THANK those of YOU who have in any way, shape, or form contributed to the care of the Mother Lode Wildlife:




Sonora, CA

For supplying us with as many worms as our birds and bats could eat




Vallecito, CA

For the great car magnets.


Marian of Modesto, CA

For the thousands of mealworms


Bill Birtwhistle

For the AMAZING pictures you have generously allowed us to use in our brochures.



Andrew Maurer

For your INCREDIBLE pictures which you have generously allowed us to use in this website (parent birds feeding babies) and on our presentation boards.


Frans Vegter

Sonora, CA

For the Tech skills you brought in to set up and maintain this web site and the Facebook page

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