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How can we help?

You came to this website, so we’re guessing you care about wildlife and want to help a bird or squirrel or other wild animal you think is in trouble. You are our kind of person! But what should you do? Your first instincts may be well-intentioned but not always helpful – wild creatures are complicated, especially when they are young or injured.


If there is an obvious injury and you can safely wrap the animal loosely in a soft cloth and place it in a box with air holes, do so and call us as soon as possible within our working hours, or leave a message. Even if there is no obvious injury, if you can approach and handle an adult animal, something is wrong and it needs our help. Sick or injured, an adult can still hurt you – be careful and don’t attempt to capture it if you are concerned you or others could be hurt. Follow the links below for more detailed species-specific information.


Don't try to care for them yourself. They need specialized food and care, they do not make good pets, and they carry parasites and diseases that can transfer to you, your children, or your pets. It’s also unlawful – only authorized organizations are allowed to care for our native wildlife. And besides – you want the best for the animal, and that’s us!


Also, despite your wonderful intentions, the bird or animal doesn’t know you are there to help. As far as they are concerned, we are predators. Every time you handle them or look at them or talk around them, they are thinking “this time they are going to eat me”. Be nice. Keep them in a warm, darkquiet place and please avoid showing them to others. Take a picture - this will help us ID what you have found and you can share the photo with friends and family without stressing the animal any more!

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